Iconic buildings in Munich to commemorate Greek Independence Day


The Consulate General of Munich for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution on March 25 will symbolically illuminate the colours of the Greek flag on two iconic buildings in Munich.

The lighting of the Propylaea and the Olympiaturm will begin on March 25 at 19:00.


The Propylaea was built between 1854 and 1862 and was designed by Leo von Klenze - an ardent supporter of Greek architecture.

It was funded by the Bavarian king and father of Otto, Louis I.

Ludwig I of Bavaria - Wikipedia
Bavarian King Louis I.

The Propylaea has clear references to Greece through its architectural design and sculptures.

Propylaea, Munich | Filmkulisse Bayern
The Propylaea in Munich.

Finally, in the inner part of the Propylaea are written in Greek the names of philhellenes and Greek fighters from the War of Independence.

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