With few visitors, the Acropolis reopened to the public on Monday (VIDEO)

Acropolis Greece fireworks

The Acropolis reopened on Monday for visitors after all archeological sites were closed for many months due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Few visitors were found on Monday morning at the archeological site.

Wearing masks and only small groups of up to three people being permitted to enter the tourist attraction, the opening was accompanied by strict measures.

The Acropolis reopened for visitors

Most visitors were young foreigners, while some Greeks, mostly older, took advantage of the reopening to visit the Acropolis.

Theodore Troulinos came to Athens from Mytilene and in the good weather spent time with his son walking to the Acropolis.

Acropolis Parthenon

As he said, he did not see many people at the archeological site.

One of the first visitors to the Acropolis today was Antonis.

"It is the first day that the archeological sites are open and since it is not very crowded and touristy, I thought I would take advantage of it and come visit," he said.

The Acropolis reopened for visitors

He added that he had been visiting the Acropolis since he was a small child.

He is impressed that it is not crowded at all.

"There are more restoration workers," he commented.

The Acropolis reopened for visitors

The measures in force at the archeological sites

The following measures are applied:

  • Groups of only three people, unless it concerns families.
  • Mandatory use of mask and keeping distance.
  • Send SMS 6 and without the use of a vehicle.
The Acropolis reopened to the public
Anastasia Stamatopoulou is a correspondent for Sputnik Hellas.
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