Heroes of the 1821 Revolution become LEGO figures

Lego figurines honour Greek Independence Day

Lego figurines honour Greek Independence Day

Three heroes of the 1821 Greek Revolution have been adapted for the LEGO world, by Australian “Lego Classicist" Liam D. Jensen.

These custom-designed figures which depict Theodoros Kolokotronis, Alexandros Mavrokordatos and Lord Byron, were requested by the British School of Athens Director Professor John Bennet, to celebrate the bicentennial of Greece’s Independence.

“Theodoros Kolokotronis was probably the most challenging figure I have made to date, as often he is depicted in his dress uniform with a very specific looking helmet that simply does not exist in any of LEGO Group’s existing parts (as I never use 3rd party parts or 3D printed parts),” Jensen stated.

“So I talked to my friend Constantinos Vasiliadis from the Acropolis Museum, who informed me that Kolokotronis was only depicted in the helmet after the War of Independence, and before that he was more often depicted with a sariki or small hat. And so with Constantinos’ advice, I designed the portrait with that in mind," he added.

The figures are now part of the Lego Classicists Family, a pop-art project that combines art & history to engage with the culture of the ancient world and the people who study it.

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