Mitsotakis: Greeks hold high the head that their ancestors bravely raised

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The message of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the bicentennial anniversary of the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire:

Greek women and men,

Today the Nation is celebrating. Two hundred years since the historic Revolution of 1821, it is reflected and moving forward. He is inspired by his ancestors and confidently holds the baton of progress, which is passed down from generation to generation of our country.

Two centuries ago, a handful of determined fighters, inside and outside of Greece, raised the banner of independence. They set in motion a process, the end of which they themselves could not even dream of. With the help of their allies, they fought heroically and won their freedom.

Unraveling the ancient and Byzantine thread, they laid the foundations for the transformation of a province of the Ottoman Empire into an independent, organized state. A state that then grew in everything: in territory, in Democracy, in international radiation. Two hundred years later, Greece is a modern European country, with power and prestige throughout the world.

In this journey we experienced moments of triumph but also of pain. Wise decisions, as well as big mistakes. However, in all the great trials of humanity, our country has always been on the right side of history.

And this gives us the strength to look at the past: to be proud of the great leaps of the Nation. But also to learn from the opportunities that were lost, in order to create new ones for the days to come. Turning yesterday's experience into energy for tomorrow.

A look at the pages of our history leads to a single conclusion: that divided the Greeks bent, while united they did great things. We do not forget, therefore, the enemies that manifested themselves even during the uprising. The national division. The disastrous civil war. The traps of recent demagogy.

That is why we choose the Balkan Wars as our historical lighthouse. The epic of the '40s and the Resistance. Our common stance against dictatorship and our common action in the years of development, integration into the European family, and our steps to the most solid Democracy we have ever had.

We welcome the national anniversary with the reflection that pride brings because the heroes of '21 found worthy successors in politics and economics. But also in meditation, science, art and sports.

Above all, however, the history of the independent Greek state is the history of its people. All those who fell and found the strength to rise again to bequeath their children a better tomorrow.

They met boldly with the currents of progress, but kept the traditions alive. They worked hard. They are the ones who, chanting the lyrics of Solomos, cried in front of the blue and white. To all of them, Greece is grateful and pays tribute.

My fellow citizens,

This year, March 25 is unique, but also special, as it finds us in the final battle with the pandemic. With many difficulties, the victory is now visible, after all the national vaccination campaign is also called Freedom.

Our country is coming out stronger from this adventure: With a united society, a resilient economy and a more efficient state. And in addition, with strong bonds of trust between the State and Citizens.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Something that emerged on the many and at the same time we fought on the fronts: In defence of our borders in Evros and the Aegean. In the shielding of public health and social welfare. But also in the face of challenges from our neighbours.

At the dawn of the third century of free life, Greeks hold high the head that their ancestors bravely raised. Today the challenges are different, but our determination remains the same.

The bet of our generation is 200 years after the "Revolution of the National Resurrection" to become the "Revolution of the National Order", with Greece again the protagonist of the times.

After all, the Revolution, the Freedom and the Hope start from the "Epsilon" of Greece. They are the ingredients of the "beautiful and strange homeland" of Elytis. The versatile Odysseus, who with his intelligence achieved more than the means at his disposal allowed. And the country of our national poet, where "everything around her is light".

We celebrate the history of this place today, with pride and modesty. None of what we have gained so far was self-evident. That is why we continue, armed with the new patriotism of responsibility, and our flag to wave at national confidence and optimism.

Many years to our Greece! Many years Greeks, everywhere in the world!