Special fund of $200,000 to support 1821 anniversary tribute events in Victoria, Australia

Victoria 1821 tribute events

This year's annual Greek parade for the 25th of March might have been cancelled in Melbourne due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a series of events for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution will take place in cities all over Victoria, Australia.

A special fund of 200,000 AUD has been set to support the 1821 Revolution anniversary events and various festivities that Greek communities are planning to host in the state of Victoria.

A total of 23 Greek-Australian organisations and clubs have claimed successful support packages for their celebratory activities, while a large number of donations were made by the Greek diaspora in Australia for the 1821 tribute events.

Victoria 1821 tribute events
Evzones during the 25th of March Greek parade in Melbourne in 2019

Even though the biggest Greek events and parades in Australia happen on the National Greek Holiday of March 25th, Greek communities in Victoria will be organising anniversary festivities all throughout the year, with most events planned for May and June 2021.

Moreover, the BBC reported that thanks to "Australia’s world-class quarantine system” and the fact that “the country has largely eliminated the virus” more social events are likely to happen later in the year in many states.

According to the Government of Victoria, the following 23 applicants successful applied for a sponsorship, as part of the Greek Bicentennial Celebration Fund program, in order to host their special events:

Victoria 1821 tribute events
Greek Bicentennial Celebration Fund recipients. Photo by Government of Victoria.

“Victorians have many reasons to celebrate after a year full of challenges, and the Multicultural Festivals and Events program will support our communities to come together safely and do just that,” stated Secretary of State Ros Spence.

The special grants fund was announced last week by the state Department of Multicultural Affairs, as part of a total 750,000 AUD package for multicultural festivals and events in Victoria, for numerous minorities and groups.

Reportedly, the overall fund package covers activities for 205 community agencies across the state, with the Greek community receiving the largest sponsorships and donations this year, followed by the Hindu community.

Victoria 1821 tribute events

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