Russia to hand over valuable documents from the time of Greece's independence

documents Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russia will deliver Greek language documents which date back to the founding of Greece.

This was announced by Georgiy Muradov, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea and the peninsula's representative to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He made the announcement in a speech at the Forum of Popular Diplomacy, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

Georgy Muradov - Sputnik International
Georgiy Muradov.

"These are unique documents of the State Archives of the Russian Federation related to the early period of the formation of the independent Greek state," Muradov said.

He stressed that among the archives to be handed over is a report by Ioannis Kapodistrias to Tsar Nicholas I about developments in the Greek Revolution.

Kapodistrias was the first governor of Greece and a Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

These documents will be delivered immediately to the Ambassador of Russia to Greece, Andrey Maslov.

Ambassador Maslov will hand over the documents to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Culture.

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Andrey Maslov.

But these are not the only documents found in Russian state archives.

Muradov also revealed that they will also hand over documents about Greek citizens who died in Nazi concentration camps in 1943-1944.

"They are the Greeks who fought against the Germans on the fronts of World War II and were taken prisoner," he said.

Relatives of the deceased still do not know what happened to their ancestors.

"Therefore, it is also important to transfer this data to Greece and for people to learn about the heroic pages of life and the tragic death of their close relatives," he said.

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