101-year-old woman recovers from COVID-19 in Volos


A 101-year-old woman in Magnesia overcame COVID-19, leaving doctors dumbfounded by her determination.

The strength shown by a 101-year-old woman from the Kanalia Nursing Home is nothing but impressive after she was admitted to Volos Hospital on January 27.

Her return to the nursing home “was a great and joyous event ,” said Father Damaskinos of the Demitriados Diocese to Magnesia News.

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Volos hospital.

“She is here in the Nursing Home and is recovering,” the Father added.

She is the second oldest woman in Greece to defeat COVID-19.

The first is a 102-year-old woman from the Ioannina Nursing Home who overcame COVID-19 in Corfu hospital.

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