Pakistan against Cyprus: "The Cypriot issue is on the agenda - Long live Turkey!"

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The Chief of the Pakistani General Staff, General Nadeem Raza, once again targeted Cyprus and connected it with the Kashmir issue.

"When I come to Turkey, the Cyprus issue is on the agenda, while when you come, Kashmir is on the agenda," he said.

"Long live the Pakistan-Turkey friendship," Raza added.


The visit of the Pakistani military chief started with the recitation of the Qu'ran.

"Pakistan and Turkey are sister countries, the suffering of Pakistan is yours, and our joy is yours ," he said.

Recently, Pakistan's Air Force Chief of Staff Brigadier, General Muhajid Anuran Khan, expressed support for Turkey over the Cyprus issue.


"Pakistan and Turkey are two countries, one nation," he said.

"We not only share a common culture and faith, but we also have similar interests and challenges," he added.

It is recalled that India and Cyprus have decided to cooperate in various fields, including in defence, political, economic, consular and cultural ties, as reported by Greek City Times.

Indian security services are increasingly concerned about Pakistani-based terrorist groups being used by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his aggressive plans against India aimed at boosting his popularity among South Asia's Muslims.

It is also known that the Pakistani military participated in the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Karamat Ahmed Karamat, a former general surgeon in the Pakistani army, was a member of a medical team sent to Turkey during the operation to help Turkish soldiers wounded in battles with the Cypriot National Guard and the Greek Army in 1974.

The Pakistani navy is also involved in the Turkish operation "Mediterranean Shield", which since 2006 has the obvious goal of consolidating the "Blue Homeland" for Ankara.

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, however, have their own energy plans in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the creation of an axis that will completely change all Turkish plans and illegal aspirations in the region.

Translated from National Post.