Crete-Peloponnese power interconnection completed

Crete-Peloponnese power interconnection completed

Crete-Peloponnese power interconnection completed

The underwater power supply interconnection between Crete and the Peloponnese, has been completed.

According to an announcement by Independent Power Transmission Operator SA (IPTO), which designed, supplied and installed the cable, the project breaks many records.

It is the longest underwater high-voltage cable connection (135 km) and is also the deepest underwater high-voltage cable connection, at 1,000 meters below surface level.

The interconnection is expected to begin operating in the next months, ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable power transmission.

“The interconnection of Crete to the mainland has been a long-term aspiration for the Greek people and it now comes true in record time,” said Manos Manousakis, BoD Chairman & CEO of IPTO.

“The technology of high strength synthetic fibers – used for first time in this project- ensures less weight and good mechanical performance, ideal for the high-depth Greek seas. The innovative technology used in Crete-Peloponnese project paths the way for reliable and resilient undersea interconnections in the challenging area of the Aegean,” he added.

The connection points for the submarine cables are at Kissamos Bay in Crete and the Malea peninsula in Peloponnese.

The cables run overhead, underground and in the sea.

The interconnection will provide around 34% of Crete’s total electrical demand in 2021.

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