Çelik: Greek media were pleased with joint statement by the 104 retired Turkish admirals

Ömer Çelik

Spokesman of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Ömer Çelik, described how Greek media reacted to the joint statement made by 104 admirals against the Islamification of the Turkish Navy.

He described the joint statement as an illegal attempt to interfere in the politics and damage democracy.

The spokesman predicts that there will be strong political and judicial response to the joint statement.

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Ömer Çelik.

As part of their statement published on Saturday, they also spoke out against the building of a new canal to bypass the Bosporus Straits that are dictated by the 1936 Montreux Convention.

In response to the joint statement, Turkey detained 10 retired admirals, including retired Admiral Cem Gürdeniz, the mastermind of Ankara's failed “Blue Homeland” doctrine to steal Greek maritime space and islands.

Cem Gürdeniz
Cem Gürdeniz.

Çelik said that in a period critical for the Eastern Mediterranean in the midst of the EU leadership's visit to Turkey, the joint statement is an organised attack which particularly pleased the Greek media.

"The statement of the 104 retired admirals against the Turkish government is being spread all over the world," he said.

"Who is happy about this? We see how happy the Greek media were," he continued.

"We see how great the joy of the Greek media was," Çelik said.

"We see the joy shown by the states that have rivalry with Turkey in this political region," the spokesman said with frustration.

Çelik said some say the joint statement benefited the ruling party, but said it was not the AKP that changed the agenda, but those who signed the statement.

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