Harry Michaels sells rare apartment in Point Piper

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TV entrepreneur and Number 96 actor Harry Michaels sold his Point Piper Spanish Mansion apartment for $3.7million

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The four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the famous circa-1929 Santa Barbara block at2/7 Longworth Avenuehad a $3.5m price guide.

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But an investor from came through on Saturday and fell in love with it, agreeing to pay purchase the property.

The ground-floor apartment in the block of six had also been an investment apartment for Mr Michaels.

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It features harbor views, soaring ornate ceilings and an original fixtures and has a French Provincial style kitchen with a full Art Deco bathroom.

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It is close by Lady Martins Beach


Michaels first became famous in the late 1970s as Italian Deli assistant Giovanni Lenzi in the iconic TV series Number 96.

He also was the host of Greek Affair and The Greek Variety Show from the 1980s.

More lucrative was his role as a football broadcasting pioneer, buying the TV rights for the National Soccer League in the 1980s.

And Michaels' production company Silk Studio produces Aerobics Oz Style, with his aerobics instructor wife, Effie, often appearing on the show.

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