Greece's Eurovision 2021 submission will include a "big risk" in their performance

Eurovision Stefania Lymperakakis

With a "high risk" stage appearance that "has never happened before", Greece participates in Eurovision 2021 with Stefania (Stefania Lymperakakis) and "Last Dance".

The Eurovision 2021 competition will be hosted in Rotterdam on May 18, 20 and 22 with the participation of 39 countries and the presence of spectators despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some information about the stage appearance of Greece has been made public this week, and the organisers are talking about a "high risk" performance that "has not happened" in the competition before.

Head of this year's Eurovision, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, stated that there will be surprises in the stage presence of some countries and added:

"Of course I will not mention names, but there is, for example, a participation that did not impress me at first, but for which I know they are going to take a big risk with their stage presentation.

"This will be a challenge for us.

"I saw a video from a small gym somewhere in Europe and if their plans work, then it will be something I know has never happened before."

The gossip soon erupted and, finally, it turns out that Greece has set the bar high after the above-mentioned information was confirmed on Tuesday by journalist Katja Zwart in a special podcast on De Telegraaf.

She referred to the "unique stage appearance" of Stefania.

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