Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAV) is hiring another 400 staff to boost its projects.

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The Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAV) is hiring another 400 staff to boost its projects, it said on Thursday, which include parts of C-130J and F-16s for Lockheed Martin.

EAV said that 170 technical staff were already hired, after a decade of no hirings, and the hiring of another 400 was expected to move ahead immediately. Another 100 management-level staff will be hired for a new training program for 2,875 students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the next 10 years, bringing all recent and immediately expected hires to a total of 700.

The Hellenic Aerospace Industry produces 30 pct of C-130Js and F-16s for the global market, as sole source supplier of Lockheed Martin, which has often recognized EAV for its quality of products and timely deliveries.

In an announcement it said that, "The F-16 production program, especially, is on an upward curve in terms of rate of deliveries, resulting in plans to extend the production line so that sets of four aircraft can be delivered every month."

The UAE training program, meanwhile, is budgeted at 175 million euros. It is tailored to the UAE in particular, and will provide theoretical and practical training. EAV itself will provide the training, and is upgrading its training center to RTP certification, with certificates issued recognized by the UAE Education Ministry.

Training of the first 80 students has begun, despite the coronavirus pandemic, while collaboration with the UAE dates back to 2012. According to an agreement of January 15, over 88,000 sqm of the 'Mellidis' base in Avlonas, Attica was leased to EAV for 10 years for facilities to house UAE trainees.

EAV plans to become a profit-turning business that will offer more jobs, bring in foreign exchange for its shareholder and the national economy, and contribute to national defense as the country's largest defense industry, it noted in its statement.