Statement from Crown Prince Pavlos on the Passing of HRH Prince Philip

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"With deep sadness, but with the joy of reflecting upon a life lived through outstanding dedication and devotion to his country, family and, of course, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, my family and I remember HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in Mon Repos, our home on the Island of Corfu, on 10th June 1921, the only son of Prince Andrew (Andreas) and Princess Alice of Greece.

Uncle Philip, as he was known to us, has been a very loved member of the extended Greek family and of course a strong connection for us to Britain where my brother Philippos was born and given his name by my parents.

As I reflect on his life, I feel immensely proud of him: of his bravery in World War II and of the way he overcame the challenges of exile in his formative early life. He was by any conceivable standard, the most remarkable servant to the Sovereign and to the United Kingdom, his adopted country, and to the Commonwealth.

He was armed with the determination, compassion, vision and steadfast loyalty which were at the core of his ability to support the Queen in their united stability amidst the shifting tides of the past century and beyond. At the coronation he swore to be his wife’s “liege man of life and limb”, which he carried out unfalteringly, unquestioningly.

He will be remembered by over 700 organisations as President or Patron and for the Duke of Edinburgh Award that since 1956 has had 8million young participants. He took great pleasure in his relationship with the Armed forces and the life of the men and women serving them.

Prince Philip did not like to dwell on things: he was a doer, with great vigour and energy. It has been said that the life of the dead is placed into the memory of the living and this will be compellingly true of the memories of our time spent with him - the hilarity, the stories, the seemingly limitless interests - will always be treasured.

Our thoughts and prayers are today with HM Queen Elizabeth II and her own family, for whom the sense of loss will be very hard to bear; and yet I know that the joy of reflecting upon his extraordinary life will be a source of immense comfort and pride."