Together in the Kitchen "Team Greek M&M"

The Two Ms

Maria Crokos and Mary Politis and have joined forces to cook and discuss the Mediterranean diet's benefits.

The Two Ms
Mary Politis and Maria Crokos

Maria is certified health coach from Canada and Mary is a creator of Greek Cuisine from Sydney. They came together and the result was amazing.

The aim of this IGTV Live was to teach the audience all about the health benefits of cooking from home and the Mediterranean cuisine, while also cooking a recipe step-by-step.

The recipe that was chosen was ‘Fasolakia Me Patates’ (Green Beans with Potatoes), which is considered a ‘Ladera Dish’ (Oily Dish). Even though it has quite a lot of olive oil in it, this is actually what makes it so healthy.

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FASSOLAKIA 🌿 stewed green beans with potatoes and sweet potato.

Maria explained all the ingredients used and what health benefits they have, while both Mary and Maria cooked this tasty recipe Live for us.

To find out more about food and wellness you can visit Maria’s website

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If you need some Mediterranean food inspiration you can visit Mary’s website Here you will find recipes but you can also purchase Mary’s new range of Tea Towels inspired by Greece and created by Mary.

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I watched the IGTV Live and I learnt so many things about the Mediterranean diet that I did not know. It has inspired me to cook more Mediterranean food not only for its delicious and flavoursome dishes but most importantly the health benefits it has.

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