Self-test finds 193 asymptomatic students and staff

Greece to reopen high schools using Covid-19 self-tests

A total of 193 asymptomatic pupils, teachers and other school staff had tested positive for Covid-19 using the free self-tests supplied by the government, based on the reports of the test results uploaded platform between 8:00 and 16:45 on Sunday, the education ministry announced.
The ministry said that 95 pupils and 98 teachers, and other staff tested positive and would now have to do a repeat test, while they should on no account go to school.
The self-tests have initially been reserved exclusively for 16-18-year-olds in the final three years of highschools and their teachers, ahead of the last three school classes on Monday.

In the general public there were 1,718 laboratory-confirmed new cases of Covid-19 in Greece over the last 24 hours, of which three were detected at points of entry into the country, the National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) announced on Sunday. The number of deaths over the same period were 52, while 780 Covid-19 patients, of which 63.6 pct were men, were in intensive care on ventilators.