The French proposal for Greece's new navy frigates


A proposal to Greece's tender for new navy frigates was delivered today by the French Ambassador to Athens and the vice-president of Naval Group, a French defence contractor, Proto Thema reported.

The proposal includes the construction of one of the new Frégates de taille intermédiaire (FDI) frigates in France with a delivery date in early 2025.


The other three new frigates, according to the proposal, will be built in Greek shipyards and will be ready in 2027 , 2028 and 2029.

As an intermediate solution until the frigates are constructed, two active frigates from the French Navy will be used by Greece.

These are the anti-aircraft frigate AAW Jean Bart, which will be delivered to the Greek Navy in 2025, and the anti-submarine frigate ASW Latouche-Tréville, which will be delivered in 2026.

The main mission of the Jean Bart frigate is for anti-aircraft action, supporting the naval air force with warships, including aircraft carriers and possibly merchant ships.

FS Jean Bart D-615 Frigate F70AA French Navy Marine Nationale
The Jean Bart.

The main mission of the Latouche-Tréville frigate is anti-submarine action and protecting high value units.

FS Latouche Treville D-646 Frigate F70AS French Navy Marine Nationale
The Latouche-Tréville.

The proposal also includes the modernisation of the 4 MEKO frigates already in the Greek Navy (Psara, Salamis, Hydra, Spetsai) in Greek shipyards.

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