Kikilias: We continue being vaccinated at an even more intensive rate

Vassilis Kikilias

The Regional Director for Europe of the World Health Organization, Hans Kluge, visited with the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias and the Secretary General of Primary Health Care Mario Themistokleous, the Mega Vaccination Center “Prometheus” in Maroussi.

Kluge spoke to citizens who were there to be vaccinated and said he was impressed by the way Operation Freedom was evolving in Greece.

Κικίλιας – Kluge: Νέο γραφείο του Π.Ο.Υ. για την Ποιότητα της Φροντίδας και την Ασφάλεια των Ασθενών - Newsbomb

He stressed that vaccines save lives and pointed out that the end of the pandemic is near.

Finally, he thanked the Minister of Health and the Greek Government “historic” opening of a new WHO office in Athens that will be responsible for the quality of care for all countries of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

Kikilias stressed that Operation Freedom is progressing very well.

“We are convinced as a Greek State that we will continue to vaccinate with this, and even higher rates, with the quantities of vaccines coming from our common European effort, he said.

Κικίλιας εμβολιασμοί: Στο Mega Εμβολιαστικό Κέντρο «Προμηθέας» μαζί με τον Hans Kluge |

“We understand that society, the people want and must slowly get their lives back,” said the Minister of Health.

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