Prince Philip: Ceremony in his honour in Corfu at the same time as the funeral in England

Prince Philip casket adorned with his personal flag, featuring the Greek national flag.

Trisagio, in memory of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, took place in his birthplace, Corfu.

Corfu, the birthplace of Prince Philip, honoured and participated in the mourning on the day of Prince Philip's funeral, with a memorial prayer.

The 40-minute ceremony was supervised on Saturday by the Metropolitan of Corfu, Mr. Nectarios, and took place in the sanctuary of Agios Spyridon.

Prince Philip funeral Greek flag
The laurel wreath of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes at the memorial prayer for the late Prince Philip, performed at the Church of Spyridon,

The ceremony took place in parallel with his funeral in England. In the church of Agios Spyridon was officiated by the Metropolitan of Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia, Nektarios.

The Corfu Authorities were represented by the Mayor of Central Corfu M. Hydraiou, the President of the Municipal Council of the Central Municipality D. Metallinos and the Member of Parliament of ND St. Gikas.

When Prince Philip was laid to rest, his unique personal royal flag was draped over his casket.

Prince Philip funeral Greek flag
Prince Philip's casket adorned with his personal flag, featuring the Greek national flag.

The flag's design divided it into quarters, each representing an aspect of the Duke's life.

The top right section of the flag is a blue rectangle featuring a white cross to represent the national flag of Greece.

The top left section is golden yellow and features nine hearts and three lions, evoking the Danish coat of arms.

These represent the Duke's dual royal lineage from Greece and Denmark.

Born in Corfu, Greece to Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenburg in 1921, Philip was a prince of both Greece and Denmark but renounced his titles in 1947 upon his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip funeral Greek flagPrince Philip funeral Greek flag

At Prince Philip's funeral in St George's Chapel at Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II sat alone as she farewelled her husband of 73 years, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last week aged 99.

Dressed in black and wearing a black hat and face mask, the Queen sat quietly during the service with her head bowed, painting a picture of the same heartbreak experienced by millions around the world who have been kept apart from loved ones at times of great personal grief due to COVID-19.

Just 30 mourners were allowed at the funeral of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg and only those in the same family bubble were permitted to sit together.

Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip funeral

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