Kefalogiannis: Discussions of a Greek-Albanian railway interconnection

Ioannis A. Kefalogiannis

Discussions of a railway line linking Greece and Albania have begun, said Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ioannis Kefalogiannis in a press conference he took after his tour of Kozani and Kastoria on Saturday.

"The government has a clear position on the railway, for us it is a key priority and, especially this year, which is the year of the railway, let me tell you that western Macedonia is on the map of railway connections," he said.

Referring to the issue of a railway connection between Greece and Albania, through Florina-Krystallopigi-Pogradec, he stressed that they need to "consider the best possible economic and technical solution."

Albania Ioannis A. Kefalogiannis
Ioannis A. Kefalogiannis

He stressed that the route to Pogradec via Florina and Krystallopigi is "the most time consuming and costly of the other two proposals that have been put on the table."

"Do we want a project that will be completed in more than 10 years or a project that will be done much earlier?" asked Kefalogiannis, pointing out at the same time that at the moment there is nothing final regarding the route.

"We start from scratch and the study that includes cost issues will show us the best route, which we will then present," he said.

He announced that the part of the Kozani-Siatista-Kalambaka interconnection will be included in the strategic planning,.

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