Dozens of Pakistanis brawl in the streets of Crete (VIDEO)


Incredible images of a brawl unfolded on Tuesday afternoon in the centre of the Cretan city of Heraklion.

A group of young Pakistani migrants fought wildly with each other, turning Eleftherias Square into a "ring" according to locals.

The video shows dozens of young men brawling on the streets in broad daylight.

Passerby’s were outraged and quickly called the police to deescalate the situation.

Reports say one of the young men involved suffered a fractured arm, while two others were taken to the Heraklion Police Station.

Their arrest, however, is related to their documents.

This is just one of many instances of the negative effects mass migration has had on Greece, its streets, crime and social trust.

It once again shows us that the answer to these outrageous events should be swift remigration programs for people who don‘t share our culture and don‘t behave in our country.

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