Vaccination schedules now open for ages 55-59

George Georgantas Greece to vaccinate all citizens over 60 by May

The next phase of vaccinations against COVID-19 began on Wednesday, based on the prioritisation of the National Vaccination Committee, AMNA reported.

The platform for COVID-19 vaccination appointments for the 55-59 age group opened on Wednesday and the platform for appointments for the 50-54 age groupwill open on Saturday.

Citizens above 60, citizens with underlying diseases of high (group A) and increased (group B) risk and people working in the health sector were being vaccinated at this time.

vaccination Greek PM calls on skeptical citizens to get vaccinated - Xinhua |

The procedures are being accelerated and if the deadlines for the delivery of vaccines are met by the companies, the platforms will be soon open for age groups under 50 years old.

Pfizer is expected to deliver 2,150,000 doses in May and 2,425,000 in June.

Moderna is expected to deliver 354,000 in May and 308,000 in June.

Johnson & Johnson will deliver 33,600 doses, 300,000 doses are expected in May, and 960,000 doses in June.

AstraZeneca has not yet confirmed deliveries for the next two months.

Greece expects about 450,000-500,000 for each month.

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