General Floros: Greece committed to resolving disputes with International Law

Konstantinos Floros

The commitment of Greece in resolving disputes in accordance with the rules of International Law and respect for the principles of good neighborliness, underlined the General Konstantinos Floros according to Proto Thema.

The head of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff made the comments when speaking online to students of the School of National Defense (SETHA) about current developments and security challenges.

As announced, Floros referred to the modern security environment.

Konstantinos Floros.
General Konstantinos Floros.

He said that because of Greece's strategic and geopolitical importance in the Central/Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, it is now one of the most sensitive and demanding areas of the planet n terms of security.

As he said, divergent interests and aspirations increase the complexity and make it difficult to try to resolve conflicts, disputes and chronic issues.

Floros stressed the continuous presence and support of Greece's Armed Forces in bilateral, tripartite and multilateral cooperation schemes with East Mediterranean and Gulf countries like Israel, Egypt, the UAE, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

He made special mention of the importance of the Greek-American strategic dialogue in terms of strengthening cooperation between the two countries and in the context of the recent signing and updating of the agreement on mutual defense cooperation.

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