MP Fraggidis in quarantine 2.5 months after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Georgios Fraggidis

Member of Parliament Georgios Fraggidis had COVID-19 symptoms on Tuesday and presented himself to health service.

He announced the news by posting it on Facebook.

Parliament and the Movement for Change Party (KINAL) will activate tracking protocols for those who came in contact with him.

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The first symptoms appeared on Tuesday afternoon in Athens, where he had gone since Sunday to appear in Parliament.

At the hotel where he was staying, Fraggidis found that he had a slight fever.

On Wednesday afternoon he no fever but in the evening his temperature raised to 38 again.

The two self tests from the pharmacy showed that the MP was positive for COVID-19 and he immediately contacted the ambulance services and visited the 424 military hospital.

In his Facebook post, Fraggidis states:


After some mild symptoms I had, I did a molecular test for the coronavirus today and it came out positive.

I have been vaccinated for 2.5 months and the chances of transmitting the virus are not high (according to Israeli experts, a vaccinated person may get a mild illness but not transmit the coronavirus).

However, I consider it my duty to the community, in addition to the necessary information that I have already made to Greek health services, to make it known through Facebook.

Of course, I will follow the necessary quarantine time.

The virus is very cunning and resistant and we have to be very careful.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter, with health and patience.

Everything will become better."

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