Tripartite meeting on diaspora issues between Greece-Cyprus-Egypt


The Minister of Diaspora and Immigration Policy of Egypt, Nabila Makram, expressed satisfaction on her official website regarding the support Greece and Cyprus offers Egypt.

The message was written following yesterday's meeting between ministers of the three countries in Nicosia.

Makram was joined with Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, Konstantinos Vlasis, and the Commissioner of the Cyprus Presidency for Expatriates, Fotis Fotiou.

Specifically, Makram spoke about the four years of cooperation with the program "NOSTOS-Return to the Roots" for the Egyptians.

She also noted the support of Greece and Cyprus in matters related to the pandemic and the strengthening of the "Decent Life" program in Egyptian countryside.

The Egyptian Minister also described the relations between the three countries as extremely important, with Egypt aiming at their further strengthening.

She emphasised the important role Greek communities played in the history of the Nile Country.

The next tripartite Greece-Cyprus-Egypt meeting on diaspora issues will take place in Cairo in the autumn of 2021.

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