Desperation after F-35 boot: Turkey looking for jets engineers in newspaper ads


What is happening in Turkey is unbelievable and the desperation is obvious as advertisements are appearing in the local press asking for Turkish engineers to assist in the construction of an indigenous fighter jet after being ejected from the F-35 program.

According to SKAI, at least two Turkish newspapers on Sunday hosted full-page advertisements seeking engineers to assist in the construction of fighter jets.


It is recalled that Turkey has long taken its own steps to build its own fighter jet, a task that is not easy as it requires know-how and time to develop and build important parts, such as the engine.

Turkey was booted from the F-35 program for purchasing the Russian-made S-400 missile defence system, something that NATO believes can spy on the 5th generation fighter jet.

However, Turkey's non-participation in the construction of the F-35 fighter jets also affects the country in another way.

The so-called aircraft carrier that Turkey is preparing that was supposed to transport its F-35's is now junk and can only be used to carry drones.

F-35 fighter jet. Greece
F-35 fighter jet.

No other fighter jet matches the specifics of the so-called aircraft.

And the problems for the Turks do not end here.

The Turkish tank has also run out of engines due to the German embargo on land systems, with the result that Ankara is looking for Chinese, Ukrainian and Korean engines instead since they failed to manufacture it domestically.

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