Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus

Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture

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By Uzay Bulut

Originally published by Gatestone Institute

Since the Turkish invasion, much information has emerged not only about the atrocities committed against the Cypriots, but also of the destruction of historic, cultural and religious monuments.

In 2016, a report by the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that:

"More than 550 Greek Orthodox churches, chapels and monasteries located in towns and villages of the occupied areas, have been pillaged, deliberately vandalized and, in some cases, demolished. Many Christian places of worship have been converted into mosques, depots of the Turkish army, stockyards and hay barns. This fact clearly proves that the religious heritage in the occupied areas has been the target of the occupation regime as part of its policy to eradicate the cultural character of the area. Moreover, important cultural monuments and places of worship continue to be completely inaccessible because they are located within the 'military zones' of the Turkish occupation army...

"The destruction is not limited to the monuments belonging to the Church of Cyprus, but also extends to religious monuments belonging to the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem and to the Armenian, Maronite and Catholic Churches of Cyprus."

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*Uzay Bulut, is a Turkish journalist, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute. She is currently based in Washington D.C.

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  1. So what? Who cares? Certainly NOT A SINGLE so called Christian European nation who have all amazingly kept as quiet as stunned mullets. Certainly not the USA whose former President was a bosom buddy of the incumbent Turkish tyrant. Not NATO, the so called protectors of peace. Not the UN, which is currently under Turkish control in any case. So they have looted any gold and silver, destroyed icons, obliterated churches… the world is not interested either in the Cypriots or in the Greeks nearby who face daily threats of invasion from a man so mad that compared to him, Stalin was normal.,