COVID-19 vaccination schedule platform opens for ages 30-39

COVID-19 vaccine vaccination Cyprus

The platform for those aged 30-39 to schedule their COVID-19 vaccination has been opened, stressed the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis in a TV interview with ANT1.

"The platform was opened last night for those who have intangible prescriptions and citizens who are 30-39 years old," he said.

"In fact 60,000 appointments were made, ie for 30,000 people," Pierrakakis  added.

On Holy Thursday, those aged 40-44 will be able to make a COVID-19 vaccination schedule, while on Holy Saturday, the platform opens for those aged 45-49.

COVID-19 vaccine vaccination

Pierrakakis clarified that those between 30-39 who received a message through the intangible prescription for an appointment did not indicate the exact date for confirmation.

The minister also announced that Greece surpassed 60,000 vaccinations in a single day.

Regarding questions that arose for pregnant women, the minister stressed that those interested should consult with the doctor who monitors them.

"However, we believe that all vaccines are completely safe," said Pierrakakis.

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