'Pink supermoon' glows over Greece

'Pink supermoon' glows over Greece
'Pink supermoon' glows over Greece

A 'pink' supermoon adorned the sky in Greece on Monday night.

It's not actually pink in colour, it's named after the pink phlox, a flower in the US that blooms around the same time the “pink” moon appears.

According to NASA, supermoons occur when the moon passes closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit, so that the full moon appears larger than usual as a result.

It will be visible through Wednesday morning.

The moon approached the Earth at a distance of 356,379 kilometres (perigee) on Monday.

This will be one of three supermoons in a row, with two more expected in May and June.

May’s supermoon will occur on May 26 and will be 157 kilometres closer to the earth than the pink moon.

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