Kikilias: Any adult wanting to be vaccinated can do so by June 30

Vassilis Kikilias Ukraine vaccine vaccination

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias stated on Thursday that any adult in Greece that wishes to get vaccinated will be able to do so by June 30, 2021, in an interview with SKAI radio.

Kikilias said that 114,873 citizens belonging to 30-39 age group and 21,704 citizens aged between 40 and 44 have made a vaccination appointment while 10,252 citizens between 30 and 39 have already got the first dose of the vaccine.

"We will reach up to 100,000 vaccinations every day as of May 5," Kikilias said, and revealed that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has taken steps to provide a benefit for those working in the health sector once already and will do so again.

COVID-19 vaccine vaccination

According to the minister, technical discussions are underway on arranging vaccinations at home for citizens that cannot move about, using the simplest vaccines, for example the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

"We will reach a decision and announce it very soon," he said.

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