Patsas Greek Easter Tripe Soup

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Greek Easter soup


  • 1.5 kg tripe chopped 
  • 4 legs of Pork ( trotters) 
  • 3.5 liters beef broth 
  • Oregano
  • 1  large onion
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 10 cloves of garlic 
  • pepper fresh coarsely ground 
  • salt and pepper powder 
  • thyme 

For the egg and lemon sauce
2 whole eggsjuice of 2 lemons1 cup of Broth


  • Blanch the tripe : Place tripe in a pot with water and let it boil for 20 min then drain and put back in the pot with the pigs trotters 
  • Wrap a piece of thin cloth garlic, oregano, thyme and crushed pepper and onion
  • Take one string and  wrap one end to a parcel that you have compiled and the other on the edge of the pot. Add the salt and pepper add the beef broth and
  • Cook the tripe with broth of beef and herb parcel with spices for 2-3 hours 
  • When cooked remove Trotters and separate meat from the bone and cut  tripe into chunks Place them back in the pot with the broth and boil for 10-15 minutes more 
  • Remove the parcel with spices, 
  • In a blender or milk shaker add the eggs lemon juice and a cup of the broth
  • Mix well until it becomes white and frothy. Pore in to the rest of the soup and stir while you pore! Serve with a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper and some crusty bread enjoy! 

It can be served without the egg and lemon sauce.

Serve it with a dash of olive oil and black pepper!  

Patsas can be found in patsatzidika and mageiria (restaurants specializing in home-style cooking) throughout Greece. When ordering patsas, be sure to specify whether you want it hontrokommeno (with thickly-cut meat) or psilokommeno (with finely-sliced meat).