Athens transportation schedule from Good Friday to Easter Monday

Athens metro transport

There are modified schedules for public transport in Athens from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

On Good Friday (April 30), all transportation, including buses, trolleys, metro, tram and ISAP trains will follow Saturday scheduling.

On Holy Saturday (May 1) buses and trolleys will stop routes earlier, as they have to be in depos at 20:00. Athens trains will run until 23:00.

On Easter Sunday (May 2) and Easter Monday (May 3) ISAP trains (Line 1) will run every 10 minutes 30 seconds (10'30''), while metro Lines 2 and 3 will run every 10 minutes.

Athens' transport system: metro | Erasmus blog Athens, Greece

Trams will run every 15 minutes between Syntagma Square and Mousson station in Palio Faliro, and every 30 minutes between all the rest of the stops.

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