Greece is one of the first countries to trial Green Digital Certificates for COVID-19


Greece is among the first countries that will participate in Green Digital Certificate trials, a senior European Union official said on Friday.

The official said EU countries were divided into three groups based on how technically ready they are to issue certificates for those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Trials are expected to begin in the second week of May.

Apart from Greece, countries belonging to the first group include Spain, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Estonia and Luxembourg.

Cyprus is in the second group and will carry out tests a little later.

The green digital certificate will be technically ready on June 1 and will operate fully on June 30, the official said.

The chair of the civil rights committee (LIBE), Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, said during Parliament’s debate on Wednesday:

“We need to put in place the EU COVID-19 certificate to re-establish people’s confidence in Schengen while we continue to fight against the pandemic,” he said, stressing that all restoring free movement is pivotal because without it “we don’t have a European Union”.

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