Greek Australian man buys 300 lambs for poor families in Kalymnos for Easter

John Halikos
*John Halikos (left) giving away 300 lambs to poor families in Kalymnos




For yet another year, Greek Australian businessman John Halikos, has purchased 300 lambs, which will be given to poor families across Kalymnos for Easter Sunday.

Sending many wishes and love from Darwin, Australia, the Greek compatriot who never forgets his homeland Kalymnos, especially around Easter time, has made sure that poor families on the island will be able to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter with traditional lamb on the spit.

According to, Mr Halikos has bought over 300 lambs from a local butcher shop.

At the same time, lambs and goats will be given to the Kalymnos Camp to cover the needs of the camp regarding the festive atmosphere of the day.

The offer of Giannis Halikos, especially during the festive days of Easter, is a minimal sample and a presumption of true love and solidarity to his compatriots, who really need it and whom he never forgets.

Sending his warmest wishes for a Happy Easter Full of Health and Optimism, Giannis Halikos hopes that very soon we will all meet again in our Favorite Island of Kalymnos.

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