One of Greece's greatest: Thanasis Veggos passed away on this day in 2011

Thanasis Veggos

Today marks ten years since the death of Thanasis Veggos, who passed away on May 3, 2011.

He left an indelible mark on Greek cinema through numerous movies and amazing performances that would make him famous all throughout Greece, Cyprus and the diaspora communities.

The comedian was born in Neos Faliro on May 29, 1927 and was the only child of Vassilis and Evdokia Vengos.

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Later in life, he changed his surname to Veggos because to him it was more appealing.

He was loved by his colleagues for his ethos and talent.

In fact, Veggos was so prolific that he featured in over 120 movies and documentaries.

He is considered one of the most popular comedians in Greek cinema and his characters were often self-named "Thanasis".

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The actor was hospitalised in December 2010 due to a major stroke and died shortly before his 84th birthday on May 29.

Veggos once said: "I will never be ashamed of two things. For the truths I told, and for the feelings I felt!"

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