US demand for travel to Greece is high for summer 2021

US demand for travel to Greece is high for summer 2021
US demand for travel to Greece is high for summer 2021

Despite the US State Department advising Americans to avoid travelling to Greece and more than 100 other countries, Athens will soon welcome direct flights from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark and Washington DC.

Last week, Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis stated that demand for travel from the United States to Greece this summer is high and bookings are expected to rise in the immediate future.

According to the minister, American Airlines, which connects Athens with New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, will increase seat capacity into Greece this summer compared to 2019.

Moreover, United Airlines is launching a daily service between New York and Athens on June 3, and another between Washington and Athens from July 1.

“These actions show that Greece remains at the top of American tourists’ preferences,” the minister said.

In addition, Delta will fly from New York to Athens every day as of May 28.

On May 15, tourism opens to those who have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19 72 hours before arriving; in addition, countrywide travel will be permitted and some cultural activities allowed.

“I am extremely satisfied with the response we have received for Greek tourism’s opening to the American market,” Theoharis added.

Of all the foreign tourists who visit the country, Americans spend the most per person, and in 2019 ranked first in a report by the Bank of Greece on the countries that contributed the most tourist revenues with over 1.18 billion dollars and 1.17 million tourists.

The average US visitor spent approximately 1,008 euros per person, 78.8% higher than the average of €564.

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