Zeibekiko performed by the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" (VIDEO)

Zeibekiko performed by The Russian National Ballet "Kostroma

Zeibekiko performed by The Russian National Ballet "Kostroma

Last month, for the 30th anniversary of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma", the dance company performed the famous Greek 'Zeibekiko'.

“Kostroma” is one of the youngest professional dance companies in the Russian Federation that perform in the genre of folk art. For the last twelve years the Ballet artists have represented Russia and Kostroma Region in home tours and abroad.

The Greek folk dance was included in "Global Dance Overture" which is the most ambitious project of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" about the cultural heritage of races and continents. A performance that aims to unite all the peoples of the planet.

One of the world's famous Greek dancers, Christos Shakallis, held the dance master classes.

"Thank you Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" for an amazing experience, unforgettable moments and letting me share my dance heritage and passion!" Christos Shakallis posted.


  • Music: Manos Loizos
  • Choreographer: Christos Shakallis
  • Performed by: Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"
  • Special quest: Christos Shakallis
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