Director David Cronenberg to shoot ‘Crimes of the Future’ in Greece

Director David Cronenberg to shoot 'Crimes of the Future' in Greece
Director David Cronenberg to shoot 'Crimes of the Future' in Greece
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Award-winning director David Cronenberg is gearing up for a 30-day shoot in Greece for his long-awaited science-fiction movie titled “Crimes of the Future.”

Cronenberg’s latest shares a title with his 1970 sci-fi film, which follows a dermatologist named Antoine Rouge who “disappears after a catastrophic disease is caused by cosmetic products.”

It’s unclear if the Canadian director plans to directly translate his earlier work for his new film.

According to Screen Daily: “Shooting will take place over 30 days from August 2 to September 10, mostly around the capital, Athens, including at the Iris cinema, Arcade of Anatolia, and harbor of Piraeus. Local Greek outfit Argonauts Productions will serve as the Greek co-producer and production service company.”

Robert Lantos, the film’s producer, told KFTV: “I am looking forward to returning to Greece to shoot another film with Argonauts. It has been 14 years since we shot ‘Fugitive Pieces’  in Athens, Hydra and Mitilini, an experience of which I have fond and positive souvenirs. Athens is the perfect setting for ‘Crimes of the Future’ as it is bespoke tailoring for David Cronenberg’s unique vision of a future which intermingles with the past.”

The film will star Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux, Kristen Stewart and Scott Speedman.

Specific plot details for “Crimes of the Future” are remaining under wraps.

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