Greeks work the most in the EU

Greeks work the most in the EU

Greeks work the most in the EU

Greeks spend more time at work than most of their fellow Europeans, while the Dutch spend the least.

According to 2020 data published by Eurostat, Greeks are one of the hardest workers in Europe, putting in an average of 41.8 hours a week.

The EU average is 37 hours.

On the other hand, the Dutch spend less time in their workplace compared to other Europeans, as the average amount of hours worked per week in the Netherlands was measured at 30.3 hours.

At the same time, the highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (16.3%), Spain (15.5%), Turkey (13.2%) and Italy (9.2%).

The gap in employment rates between women and men was 11.3% in the EU in 2020.

The lowest unemployment in the European Union were observed in Poland (3.2%) and the Czech Republic (2.6%).

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