Greece's path towards normalcy

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Deputy Minister of Digital Government, George Georgantas, outlined Greece's path towards normalcy over the coming weeks.

As he told SKAI on Thursday morning, the final decisions on the issue are expected (from the infectious disease specialists), however, as he estimated, this will be done exactly as already announced.

"We set a record and the truth is that it was a program that developed with absolute success," said Georgantas regarding the number of vaccinations that took place yesterday, while estimating that we will move to levels above 100,000 per day.

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Georgantas on SKAI.

As he clarified, in May there will be a total of 1,200 operating vaccination centres in Greece.

He estimated that workers in private health institutions will be able to be vaccinated from May 20.

Georgantas spoke about more than 5.5 million vaccinations by the end of May, as already mentioned by Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias and others related to the process.

"In June, I really think we will be able to talk about the conditions that will allow us to talk about a substantial and strong wall of immunity," he said, stressing that the plan is for all adult citizens to be vaccinated in June.

At the same time, as foreseen on May 15, more and more restrictive measures are gradually being lifted in Greece so that within May, society and the economy can function as much as possible.

From May 8, the percentage of area per customer in a store is reduced - stores over 500 sq.m. can have 50 sq.m. per person.

From May 8, organised beaches reopen, based on a protocol to be approved and announced by May 7.

From May 10, the administrative courts will reopen, as well as certain procedures in civil and criminal courts.

From May 10, tuition centres and foreign language centres examinations, such as the Panhellenic examinations and the examinations of foreign language qualifications, will reopen.

From May 15, Greece opens to all tourists who have either a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before arrival.

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From May 17, practices, clinics and laboratory exercises in IEK and colleges will resume.

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