Kalimera Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr' from a foreigner struggling to get vaccinated

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UPDATE: This problem which I mentioned in this email does not exist anymore and the email was sent weeks ago.

Finally  I managed to make an appointment for the vaccination with my prosorino AMKA. Thanks for taking us in the system dear "emvolio.gov.gr".

It is very important to get 80 percent of the city and the country to reach the vaccine. Otherwise the pandemic won't be over.

Kalimera Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr',

​Although you are not friendly with us, I begin my words with a warm Kalimera (Good Morning) because during these difficult days, being nice to each other is quite essential.

​Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr', you told us that it is time for 60-64 age group to get vaccinated.

You informed us all from your website, TV, radio and asked everyone to click and register.

We believed what you said and we struggled for weeks to register our names and to get an appointment.

But there was no way?

Finally we learned that the investors - golden visa holders - the refugees, the NON-GREEKS who live in Greece are not entitled to get vaccinated because we don't have AMKA , social security numbers (foreign diplomats were also in this category but it is heard that they got vaccinated) because it is defined by a new law that golden visa holders do not get social security numbers anymore.

This is inhuman.

Trying hard and not obtaining a result is very disappointing. Discrimination hurts.

Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr', we made investments here in Greece.

We live in Greece.

We buy houses.

We pay for the lawyers, for the realtors, for the notary.

You see how many sectors we support economically?

We make all these official procedures with our AFM (tax number) number.

We PAY our taxes with the AFM.

Why could not we get vaccinated with the AFM?

Only for the Golden Visa procedures we paid 2000 Euros.

How much is a small bottle of vaccine?

It is not only the discrimination, the disinformation continued for weeks.

Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr ', as it is instructed in your site, we kept going from one KEP office to the other, from one pharmacy to the other to get vaccinated.

This is a health issue and we are human beings.

But nothing worked.

In the end we became tired and felt more vulnerable.

Weeks passed and I could not get vaccinated because the phase for my age group (60-64) came to an end.

Human lives matter Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr'!

Even though they are non-Greeks and they cannot vote in elections, we live here.

We take the bus, the metro.

We go to the supermarkets, pharmacies, parks etc.

We become the multipliers of COVID-19.

It costs lives.

Then one day, Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr' you have informed us that we can get vaccinated by a temporary AMKA number.

Thank God!

You cannot imagine how happy we were!

We made a click, we got the  AMKA number but AGAIN we cannot get the appointment.

The same troublesome phase started AGAIN.

We go from one KEP to the other, we go from one pharmacy to the other.


Then we heard that in the islands anyone can get vaccinated.

Well, Greece is getting ready for tourism season.

So, I said to myself lets go to my island.

NOOOOOO, only if you own house on an island you can get vaccinated.

Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr',

Athens is the most touristic place.

The ACROPOLIS is in Athens.

All the tourists end up coming to Athens to visit this unique beauty.

Besides, Athens is the capital city.

All the islanders come to Athens to do some business, for better health care etc...

Heavy traffic...

Therefore, if you do not have a solid vaccination program for Athens, the pandemic will not leave us easily.

If 70% cannot be vaccinated, COVID-19 will keep on ruining lives.

You say ' Olloi mazi boroume-Together we can' .


Lets not risk the lives of Greeks and non-Greeks.

​Democracy is born in Greece. ​Democracy means EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone.

​I have a request from you Dear 'emvolio.gov.gr'.

COVID-19 fatigue plus anxiety is a heavy load to carry.

​Could you please do us a favour and INFORM us properly ?

We only have HOPE to survive, please do not get this from us.

Just tell us the truth.

Are you going to give us a chance to get vaccinated?

If so when?

If not, what is your plan for us?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Nilufer Tarikahya is General Secretary of the Greek-Turkish Association Daphne.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor