Egypt calls on Turkey to stop escalations against Greece and Cyprus

Egypt's Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Sanad Loza (R) meets with his Turkish counterpart Sedat Onal (L) in the foreign ministry headquarters in the Egyptian capital Cairo on May 5, 2021. (AFP)

Egyptian-Turkish consultations were held on Wednesday and Thursday for the first time since 2013 due to Turkey's unapologetic support for the radical Muslim Brotherhood organisation whose origins lay in Egypt.

The two sides were set to discuss issues in a “new era of normalisation” between Egypt and Turkey, but it appears no significant steps were made.

Following discussions between Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Loza and Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sedat Önal, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said "the discussions were frank and in-depth."

As part of these discussions, Al-Arabiyah reported that Cairo called on Ankara to stop escalations against Greece and Cyprus.

Egypt stated that it will not support Turkey in any border dispute with Greece and that it wants an agreement on the same ones it already has with Athens and Nicosia.

Turkey is attempting to steal Greek maritime sovereign rights from Greece and Cyprus in violation of the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea, in which it is only in only 15 countries in the world to not sign - with many of those being landlocked countries.

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