“Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia” comes to an end after 17 years

"Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia" comes to an end after 17 years
"Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia" comes to an end after 17 years
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The curtain falls on the popular television program “Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia” with host Spiros Papadopoulos, after 17 years.

The announcement was made by Papadopoulos, with a touching post on his personal Instagram account:

“It was the summer of 2004, when Vicky Laskari -the TV producer- called me and suggested a 3-hour entertainment show on ERT to me.”

“I told her that if I did something, it would be for Greek music, which I know and love. And so we started with the first tribute to the beloved Manos Eleftheriou. It feels just like yesterday to me. But 17 years have passed! And I feel that this ship that has travelled all these years – and where it did not go! – the time has come to… moor!” he continued.

Greeks all around the world love watching “Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia”.

Papadopoulos invites songwriters, composers and artists to the program to perform well-known Greek songs.

“My heartfelt thanks to all the singers, musicians, dancers, guests, technicians, collaborators who together made so many nice things and of course a special THANK YOU to my beloved Vicky!” Papadopoulos added.

Here are a few of our favourite episodes to reminisce over:

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