Hard lockdown in Kalymnos extended


The COVID-19 hard lockdown on Kalymnos island is extended until May 17 at 06:00 after an extraordinary meeting at the Civil Protection Operations Center.

The continuing rapid outbreak of COVID-19 on the island led to the extension of the universal lockdown.

Kalymnos went into a lockdown just a day after restrictions were eased across the country.


Under the restrictions, residents will only be allowed to leave their homes for workplaces that remain open, to visit the doctor or pharmacy, to walk their pets or for supermarket shopping until 6 p.m.

Other restrictions include the suspension of construction work and religious ceremonies.

Residents are only permitted to leave the island for health reasons.

It is recalled earlier this week, cafes and restaurants finally reopened in Greece for sit-in service for the first time in nearly six months.

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