Economic Advisor to Mitsotakis: Having a PhD probably shows a person does not want to work

Alex Patelis PhD

Alex Patelis, the chief economic adviser to Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, caused a stir over the weekend by saying that he would not hire anyone with a doctoral degree (PhD) because they probably "do not have an appetite to work."

Patelis said that "for the most jobs that one can do after his studies, not only is a doctorate not necessary but it is also something negative."

"I would not hire someone with a doctorate if he applied to me because it shows that he is probably a person who does not necessarily have an appetite for work," he said.

The irony is that Patelis himself achieved a PhD from Princeton University.

Lead opposition party SYRIZA also responded to his statements about PhD's and said in a statement that:

"Mr. Patelis did not hesitate to characterise doctorates as something negative, to insult the young scientists who continued their studies as lazy and to threaten them that all that awaits them is unemployment."

Patelis went to Facebook to "clarify" his statements and highlight that he has a PhD from Prince University.

Alex Patelis"I worked like a dog to get it and I admire others who - like me once - who spent day and night in the library.

I apologise for my wording in an interview I gave.

"It was unfortunate and wrong, even for someone who is not a politician.

"In the discussion, of course, I was referring to career advice in the banking sector.

"As a manager I used to be responsible for several hires.

"I have lived the processes up close, and I know how difficult it is to stand out and be convinced of your abilities.

"In some careers - such as that of academics, researchers, etc. - a doctorate is required.

"In others it is not a prerequisite.

"It is, of course, an important personal achievement.

"I also believe in the one who did not have opportunities.

"And yes, he should be given the opportunity to prove his abilities.

"Many toil and they must be supported.

"We are building a Greece in which we can all succeed, in the field that everyone wants, based on hard work."

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Posted by Alex Patelis onSunday, May 9, 2021

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