Wild boar spotted again in the centre of Thessaloniki (VIDEO)

Wild boar in Thessaloniki

After spectacularly footage of a wild boar in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki circulated late last week, there was another appearance by the wild animal in the centre of the city - this time in Ladadika.

In the video posted by a user on Facebook, a boar in Ladadika is seen heading towards the seaside.

Να μην βγει τώρα που άνοιξε η εστίαση το καημένο να πιει ένα ποτάκι στα Λαδάδικα ;

Posted by Γεωργία Παναγιωτάκη on Sunday, May 9, 2021

Deputy Mayor of Prasinos, Socrates Dimitriadis said that "we will see more wild boars."

"According to veterinary schools, wild animals are looking for food near urban areas due to desertification" and the "number of wild animals in the forests has increased 100%."

On Friday, another boar was roaming in the centre of Thessaloniki, as reported by Greek City Times.