Aegean Airline launches ‘Sunshine Discount’

Aegean Airline's ‘Sunshine Discount’

Aegean Airline's ‘Sunshine Discount’

Aegean Airlines and Greece's National Tourism Organization (GNTO) have again joined forces to promote how 'hot' Greece is!

Dubbed “Sunshine Discount”, the campaign aims to attract last-minute travellers, who this year will account for the vast majority of bookings.

What's the deal? Discounted airline tickets to Greece from 10 targeted markets (UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands). Τhe higher the temperature difference between the country and Greece on the day of booking, the higher the discount will be for an Aegean Airline ticket.

Aegean Airline's ‘Sunshine Discount’

“In this year’s tourism restart it is of even greater importance to communicate, in a coordinated manner, a strong, cohesive and persuasive message that will win all visitors and convince them to spend their vacation in Greece,” said Marina Spyridaki, Aegean Corporate Affairs Manager.

The promotion concerns the entire network of Aegean and Olympic for flights up to March 31, 2022.

“The Greek sun, the climate, and the friendly atmosphere become the catalysts of a memorable experience and our unique offers create an additional strong motive. We have the commitment, the optimism and the anticipation to fly everyone, once more, to their beloved Greek destinations,” Spyridaki added.

Aegean Airline's ‘Sunshine Discount’

This is the fourth consecutive year that Aegean Airlines has teamed up with GNTO.

On his part, GNTO Secretary General Dimitris Fragakis highlighted that the new campaign will support Greece’s attractiveness all year long.

"An integral part of our strategy is the cooperation with airlines and tour operators for the promotion of Greece as a unique travel destination. Amidst these particularly challenging conditions, we are here to create the necessary conditions for additional support, not only for the tourism industry, but for the national economy as a whole. We invest in partnerships and joint initiatives, that we are confident will have a multiplying effect,” Fragakis said.

To find out more about the new 'Sunshine Discount' campaign, please click here.

Greece opens to tourism on May 15, to those who have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19 72 hours before arriving.

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