Ministry of Culture removes "Macedonian Movement to Promote Mother Language" from registry


The Ministry of Culture announced it is removing the "Macedonian Movement to Promote Mother Language" from its registry as the administrator of the Non-Profit Company repeatedly wasted the time of the Greek judiciary.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports said that the NGO, with registration number 5/2018 in the Edessa Court of First Instance, was removed from the Register of Cultural Institutions of the Ministry of Culture.

It was found that the person appearing as the administrator and legal representative of the NGO repeatedly occupied the Greek justice.

The announcement stressed that the registration does not constitute recognition of any capacity, nor does it provide any absolute privilege, nor can those registered in the Register use their registration for any purpose other than applying for grants.

Finally, it is clarified that this body has not applied for a grant, nor has it received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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