The Acropolis Museum ready to welcome visitors

The Acropolis Museum ready to welcome visitors

The Acropolis Museum ready to welcome visitors

All museums in Greece will reopen their doors to visitors on Friday, May 14.

The following measures apply:

  • All visitors must wear a mask
  • All visitors must maintain a 1.5m distance from others in open spaces and 2m in indoor spaces, at all times
  • Tables and chairs in the dining areas of museums, must be disinfected by staff between customers
  • The use of e-tickets (where available) is highly recommended

"The Acropolis Museum is looking forward to reopening its gates to the public on May 14," Stamatia Eleftheratou, Director of Collections and Exhibitions of the Acropolis Museum told ANA.

"However, this period gave us the opportunity to restore a number of ancient works or to exhibit some others but mainly to complete a large project, the Digital Acropolis Museum. It is a diverse programme, with many sectors, one of which was the creation of the new website, the launch of which coincided with the lockdown period, giving the Museum the opportunity to address, if not its physical, at least its digital audience, which is just as big," she added.

Eleftheratou explained that "the new website of the Acropolis Museum is not a simple website. It is an entire world, which captures the life and activities of the museum. It is also the first museum website in Greece in which all the exhibits of the Acropolis Museum have been posted. That is, the visitor can find for each exhibit a description, a rich bibliography and plenty of supervisory material, ie pictures and videos - where they exist. Also, our website has a web-page that is addressed specifically to children, with rich activities and imaginative videos and games. In addition, a series of digital applications, interactive and video, was created, which the visitor can view in the physical space of the Museum, but also on the internet."

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