"You can cure AND reverse chronic illnesses through a KETO Mediterranean Diet," says Greek Nutritional Therapist


Is it possible to heal chronic illness through food? Nutritional Therapist Apollonas G. Kapsalis and his wife Roberta believe so! They have helped many people restore their health and lose stored body fat through what they call the Keto Mediterranean Diet or 'KMD' diet. Their belief is 'that KMD is the cleanest Keto of all Ketos out there'.


KMD is the Mediterranean 'version' of the standard keto diet that has gained so much popularity in recent years, particularly connected with fast fat loss and overall improved health.

They are passionate supporters of the Keto Mediterranean lifestyle. The couple believes that in today’s world, everything is industrialised and over processed, and the food we are eating is making us sick. The key to getting back to optimal health is ‘getting back in touch with our Greek Ancestors and approaching global healing from nutrition to lifestyle by revoking ancient dietary wisdom’.

Apollonas Kapsalis is a Certified Level 2 nutritionist, supplement expert, writer, and editor with a great deal of experience in writing for specialized sports and lifestyle magazines. He has 10 years of experience and education in sports science, fitness and low carb nutrition. He is also a Clean Sports Advisor by UKAD.

Apollonas holds a Master's degree in Sports Science, Nutritionism and Management from The Attic College. As a professional athlete, he has been playing basketball for several European clubs and attended many competitions. Apollonas loves to explore different cultures and philosophies of ancient and modern times. He has experience in public speeches, giving lectures and leading workshops.

Roberta possesses 20 years of cooking and baking experience, writing about food, has studied Mediterranean history and gastronomy. She also lost a lot of weight through a KMD diet and is now at the peak of health!

The couple married in 2012 and have been in ketosis ever since. They thoroughly enjoy their Keto journey and passionately share everything they've learnt over the years with their large group of followers on social media whom they call 'fellow Ketonians'.

The couple resides and travel between two historical places, Athens, Greece (during the summer months) and Mostar, Herzegovina during the cooler months.


GCT'S Lifestyle Journalist Despina Karp sat down virtually with Apollonas and Roberta to discuss all things KMD.

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The key questions answered by Apollonas and Roberta during the interview:

  • What’s the inspiration or meaning behind KMD?

To explain this better, you just need to think about our 3 postulates:

Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients.

Homemade food, slow cooking, patience. 

Fun, laughter, comedy, enjoyment of sunshine and life. 

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  • What exactly is KMD and how is it different from the normal KETO diets out there?
  • Is KMD safe? 

If it was safe for Ancient Greek athletes (Olympic athletes) then it’s safe for anyone.

  • Does KMD work? Do you have success stories from clients?
  • What is the success rate of a KMD diet?

From our experience, if a person is determined and sticks to this lifestyle, the success is always 100%! The problem is that not everybody is psychologically strong to endure and stay loyal to the principles of KMD.

  • Can KMD cure irritable bowel syndrome?

Apollonas had numerous clients who reversed the condition and if they don’t go off the diet, they never have any symptoms. You can read some of the testimonials on our website: 


  • Can you do a KMD carnivore diet?

That would be the cleanest carnivore diet out there. Fresh seafood, organic ruminant meat and pasture-raised eggs, organic meats etc… Can’t be better!

To learn more about the KMD diet, click the links below and watch the interview in full on the GCT YouTube page.

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